Pamper Me! Stuff Your Stockings with Self-Care Extravaganza

Save the Date...

Saturday, November 16th, 2024

 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

WHY should you save this date?

1. Self-Care for YOU!

2. Learn to make simple Pamper Me! products.

3. Knock out some of your holiday shopping.

4. Did I mention self-care AND pampering just for YOU?!


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Stuff Your Stockings with Self-Care Extravaganza

 making  YOU and your family a PRIORITY with simple self-care

over the holiday season!



Be proactive. Have a plan in place to stress less and live healthier.

Want to simplify some of your holiday gift shopping AND pamper yourself at the SAME time?

This is the perfect event for you... 

You will be provided with all the supplies and recipes to make 4 wonderful pamper me! products to take home AND there will be all kinds of DIY product kits available for purchase to stuffing those stockings with self-care and to give as gifts.

We will have several other sponsors on site before, during, & after the workshop to help you with even more self-care gift ideas.


REGISTER NOW and save 15% with EARLYBIRDstockings15



> The struggle is REAL

> Stress is NOT going anywhere

> We NEED MORE self-care in our lives

> Self-care is GREAT at reducing stress levels


> Time to add more tools to our self-care tool belts

> Be creative

> Have fun with your friends

> Learn something new

> Make good-smelling natural (NO preservatives) self-care products with health benefits!

> Make natural chemical-free products from stuff you already have at home

Rest - Relax - Recharge

TEN Benefits of this Experience:

1. Learn aromatherapy's self-care "power".

2. Experience Sniffology.

3. Discover how easy it is to pamper yourself with DIY Pamper Me! products.

4. Create your own “Pamper Me!” products to take home.

5. Sense of Community.

6. Time AWAY from the usual grind.

7. Time to relax, reset, and recharge.

8. Leave with at least FOUR self-care products.

9. Chance to WIN even more awesome self-care prizes!

10. DIY Kits for purchase to stuff those stockings with self-care.



Saturday, November 16, 2024

10:00 am to 12:30 pm



9106 Bryant Farms Road

Charlotte, NC 28277

Free Parking

inside Light of Christ Church

in Nancy's Room

(smaller of the 2 buildings)


COST: $79


REGISTER NOW and save 15% with EARLYBIRDstockings15

We only accept 20 participants in this class!

Do not miss out on this event!

INCLUDED in the Experience:

> Supplies to make at least FOUR take-home products

  > Sugar scrub 

> Create a Shower Experience

> Aromatherapy key chain

> Shower steamer

> Special Workshop Apron to keep

> Workbook

> Recipes 

> Door Prizes

> Coffee, Tea, Water and Light Snacks

... oh, and dark chocolate, of course!  

> Sponsors on site with more self-care ideas and products

Why Rita?

Her almost 40 years of western and eastern healthcare experience along with her numerous traumatic life challenges, not only gives her a very unique skillset, but the depth to understand life can be a struggle.

She has lived it and “gets it”. She wants to help YOU to find a way to get to back to feeling and acting like YOU.

During her 17 years as a licensed Massage Therapist, she discoverd the power of aromatherapy, and essential oils. She continues to make her own self-care products using aromatherapy and loves sharing her love and her knowledge. Besides... it is SO MUCH FUN using the "Pamper Me!" products after you've made them. Self-care at it's FINEST!

Her book, Simple Self-Care Saved Me!, details her journey and how she was able to move forward onto a healthier path AND outlines 3 simple steps to get you on YOUR journey from feeling CRAPPY to HAPPY.

Rita is authentic, real, and often tells it like it is - in no uncertain terms. Through sarcasm, humor, and being her "science-nerd-self", she helps you connect the dots between why you feel so CRAPPY and helps you move closer to HAPPY with a multitude of suggestions and options to pick what works best for YOU.

Her passion is teaching workshops, lunch and learns, along with sharing her point of view and simple stress-busting solutions with small and large audiences.

What are you waiting for?... let's get you started on YOUR journey to go from feeling CRAPPY to HAPPY?


The Pamper Me! Aromatherapy event was a hands-on learning experience - it was engaging, fun, and educational.  I learned how to make my own scrubs with essential oils, and I have since made a couple of my own at home.  The emphasis throughout the workshop was on self-care and the importance of taking time for ourselves as women.  I loved that we got to interact with each other while we were learning.  I also loved the provided handouts so that we could take notes to refer back to at home.  It was an awesome experience, and I would love to participate in another similar workshop in the future!

~ Diana L., busy Mom of 3 children


I attended Rita’s Pamper Me! Aromatherapy Workshop and it was a wonderful experience! Rita’s workshop was fun, creative, and informative!  She truly has a ton of knowledge to share in the self-care industry and taught me about the different types of essential oils and how to incorporate them into my self-care routines. 

I gained hands-on experience on how to make aromatherapy products with all natural ingredients.   

As a busy career mom and wife, I’m always looking for ways to treat myself to some well-deserved self-care and I left the workshop with skills I will use on a consistent basis. 

~ Kareema Riddick, CEO of Yes Darling Tea


Rita broadened my awareness of ways I already do self-care, and helped me to recognize the importance of those.  She also encouraged me to find new ways to reduce stress and take care of my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health each day.  Her genuinely compassionate and down-to-earth approach is refreshing!

Rita has helped me to realize that self-care is not complicated but is quite simple, in all of the small, run-of-the-mill ways we pay attention to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Her workshops are refreshing and life-giving!

Marianne Romanat ~ Lead Pastor, Light of Christ United Methodist Church,

Cancellation Policy:

Workshop fees are non-refundable when cancellation is initiated by the participant within 72 hours of registration, however, the fees can be used towards another workshop. 

The workshop dates are subject to change and cancellation if minimal number of participants per workshop is not met.  In all cases, you will be notified at least 72 hours in advance of any changes and your money will be refunded.