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Stressed Out! That was the understatement of the year not long ago for Rita. In the span of 10 years, her personal journey was filled with life-changing challenges: new marriage, infertility, adoption, family death, and becoming caregiver to an aging parent, in addition to coping with her own chronic health issues.

Rita’s unique professional skill set is comprised of 20 years as a Registered Respiratory Therapist, including several years on the Trauma Flight team in Charlotte, NC, and 16 years as a licensed massage therapist. Adding her in-depth study of stress management and self-care plus all her personal life experiences, she has easily earned the title of Simple Self-Care Expert and Stress Management Educator.

Her book, "Simple Self-Care Saved Me!" was released in 2018 and has readers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. She is an accomplished speaker and her specialty is stress managment education and strategy implementation using simple self-care as her solution for reducing stress immediately and in the longterm.  Through masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and her membership-based community, the topics Rita presents are not only motivational, but also inspirational, and educational. Each presentation includes handouts to encourage active participation and engagement as well as thought-provoking and self-discovery questions and activities.

Rita’s program “Keep Stress from Being Your Boss” has received CLE credit from the North Carolina State Bar Association for ONE HOUR Mental Health CLE.

The speaking topics can be presented in several formats including:

  • Keynote presentation
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Lunch-and-Learn
  • Breakout sessions

Rita has helped thousands of women and men find peace and better health in this crazy, stressed-out world and her desire is to help thousands more – including you!

She currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, daughters, fur-babies, and fin-babies.

Rita is a member of eWomen Network and on the leadership team, on the board of Directors of the Grooming Greatness Foundation, a Storyteller & Ambassador for the Mental Health America of the Carolinas (MHA), and a member of the Women Speakers Association (WSA).

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How to Keep Stress from Being Your Boss!

Who’s running your life? You or your stress load? Would you notice if stress was in charge? Are poor decisions and/or unclear thoughts limiting your productivity and success?  Are you noticing changes in your eating habits, cravings, or other aspects of your health? These can all be signs and symptoms of stress.

 Our nation is in a stress crisis epidemic. Technology has made it almost impossible to unplug, rest, and relax. According to the American Psychological Association, between 73 and 77% of Americans report experiencing regular symptoms of stress.

Rita’s approach to stress reduction includes stress awareness, stress education, and stress-busting support using simple self-care techniques. Her presentations are energetic, interactive, and engaging. Each participant is guaranteed to walk away with their ONE stress-busting technique and LESS stress!


  1. Evaluate your stress score
  2. Explore how stress effects the entire body
  3. Discover simple stress-busting solutions

Presentation Format: 30 to 90 minute keynote, lunch and learn, workshop, or seminar

Less Pain, More Movement

It is a known fact that as we get older, we get LESS flexible, have a decrease in strength, and gain MORE aches & pain. However ... we do have the POWER to change that!

Join Rita as she shares her simple self-care tools guaranteed to reduce aches & pain and help reverse the negative effects of aging on your body.

Hands-on learning with foam rollers, tennis balls, and spiky balls. Informational handouts will be provided. Learn about and practice stretches that will slide into your busy day AND help you live better!


  1. Discover why we have more aches and pains as we get older
  2. Explore ways to reduce discomfort from common pain areas and recover faster from workouts and injuries
  3. Experience lots of hands-on time and training with simple self-care stretches and tools

Presentation Format: 60 to 90 minute workshop involves active participation on the floor

Other Topics:

  • Simply Less Stress
  • Unlocking Success with YOUR Self-Care Key

For more information, visit Rita’s eSpeaker Profile.

Speaker Testimonials

Rita Garnto is an excellent event coordinator, ensuring our organization’s needs were met for a requested presentation . She delivered a 30-minute self-care and stress management focused presentation at our staff meeting, providing tools and practical advice, exercises and hand-outs. Rita is very relatable, authentic and a great listener. Her message was right on point and she adapted to fit within our allotted timeframe perfectly. Employees even had the option of signing up for a self-care reminder text. Here’s the feedback I received from one of our team members “ in our hustle of everyday life, we somehow overlook self-care. . .It’s nice to be reminded. I also got my first text this morning from Rita. This is going to be great!”

Andrea I. Towner

Development Director

Mental Health America of Central Carolinas

3701 Latrobe Drive, Suite 140

Charlotte, NC  28211

704.365.3454 phone

704.365.9973 fax


Rita spoke at our women’s self-care event with an audience of about 100 attorneys who work in high stress positions for corporations all over the world. The women were deeply inspired by Rita’s personal testimonials, experiences and advice on how to balance and improve life using personal self-care. It was a great way to kick off the half-day event, and everyone was appreciative of her book in order to refer back to the suggestions and techniques on an ongoing basis. We hope to use Rita again for other events.


Lynn Huonker

Senior Managing Counsel at Oracle America, Inc.

Executive Board Member of the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the Association for Corporate Counsel


Rita Garnto is the real deal.  Her ability to relate to an audience on an individual level with each participant borders on a magical experience.  She captivates her audience with her knowledge of how stress controls many aspects of our lives.  The audience can feel and relate to the examples that she gives and are on the edge of their seats waiting for her practical steps and solutions.  Each time I hear Rita speak I gain more knowledge for ways to apply stress relieving techniques that she presents.  She is a breath of fresh air in this high-stressed, multi-digital, do-it-all-or-else world we live in.  I highly recommend RIta and her Simple Self-Care.


Melissa Taylor


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