The Book is Here!

My two basic philosophies are:

  1. Keep It Simple Sweetie
  2. Do just ONE new thing at a time

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the difference between self-care and simple self-care
  • How simple self-care works
  • How easy and effortless it is to add simple self-care to everyday life
  • Find your one unique simple self-care choice to start doing today
  • Self-care products that resonate with you

Testimonials About the Book

“I met Rita in our Taekwondo class and have grown to find that she is a wonderful and talented woman. She is passionate about Simple Self Care and the well being that it can bring to anyone that takes the time to invest in themselves. For years I have occasionally taken the time to get a massage, or a mani-pedi. I have always felt guilty taking this time for myself when there are so many things that need to be done on the weekend in a house that has two working adults and a teenage child. Her book Simple Self Care has altered my thoughts on these “guilty” pleasures. This time is not something that takes away from the family, nor something that is selfish. It’s time for keeping yourself in top shape for supporting those that you love. I really enjoy how she points out opportunities to practice self care and how I have found them in a regular work day. Something as simple as climbing the six flights of stairs to my desk instead of taking the elevator, or ensuring that once an hour I stand up and stretch has proven beneficial. I even spent the money for a fairly expensive ergonomic keyboard to help reduce the neck and back strain I had been having due to my desk job. It has relieved my tense muscles and resulting headaches greatly making me a better person at home. Rita changed my thoughts on what is selfish versus what you should do to keep yourself healthy. Thank you.”

~ Robert R.


“Rita, it has been my pleasure to have been able to spend a week or so doing self help in the early mornings of last fall when you were visiting your father In the city I live in. Rita I enjoyed your most recent endeavour to let ordinary people know that just doing one small change in their daily activities can improve their life over time. Rita, I have added some of your self help tips to my morning walks. I want to say to folks that haven’t read your self help self care book they are missing good advice. Thank you for your help.”

~ David C.

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