Building Up Your Stress Armor



Have you heard of the expression

"Stress overload is a BEAST"?



Did you know stress overload

 will cause things like...

> increased irritability

> fuzzy thinking

> memory loss

> weight gain (or loss)

> insomnia

> depression

> heart disease

> digestive issues

(including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation)

and yes, the list goes on and on....

These are all Signs & Symptoms of Stress Overload!


​We are in unprecedented times with an

unprecedented amount of uncertainty,

lack of control in our lives, and fear of the unknown. 


Consider this... these three things are the top emotional causes of stress overload!​


> Stress is NOT going away

> The struggle is REAL

> Stress overload is silent and sneaky

> Your health cost of stress overload is enormous


What is the solution to stress overload?

> Increasing your resistance to stress overload


Join us for this workshop to...

Rest - Relax - Recharge

> Learn simple tips, tricks, and tools to become more resistant to the negative stress effects

> Learn how to cope with stress BETTER

> Increase your health and well-being


1. Discover how stress overload shows up in YOU

2. Explore the origin of stress and why we need it (and don't need it)

3. Master simple stress-busting solutions

4. Leave with a stress-busting plan




Early Bird SPECIAL


use code EARLYBIRD_armor

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COST: $49

Limited  Number In-Person Participants!

Included in the Workshop Fee:

> Workbooks

> Coffee, Tea, Water and Light Breakfast Snacks...

... oh, and dark chocolate, of course!  


Why Rita?

Her almost 40 years of western and eastern healthcare experience along with her numerous traumatic life challenges, not only gives her a very unique skillset, but the depth to understand life can be a struggle.

She has lived it and “gets it”. She wants to help YOU to find a way to get to back to feeling and acting like YOU.

Her book, Simple Self-Care Saved Me!, details her journey and how she was able to move forward onto a healthier path AND outlines 3 simple steps to get you on YOUR journey from feeling CRAPPY to HAPPY.

Rita is authentic, real, and often tells it like it is - in no uncertain terms. Through sarcasm, humor, and being her "science-nerd-self", she helps you connect the dots between why you feel so CRAPPY and helps you move closer to HAPPY.

Her passion is teaching workshops, lunch and learns, along with sharing her point of view and simple stress-busting solutions with small to large audiences.

What are you waiting for?... let's get you started on YOUR journey to go from feeling CRAPPY to HAPPY?


Rita Garnto is an excellent event coordinator, ensuring our organization’s needs were met for a requested presentation . She delivered a 30-minute self-care and stress management focused presentation at our staff meeting, providing tools and practical advice, exercises and hand-outs. Rita is very relatable, authentic and a great listener. Her message was right on point and she adapted to fit within our allotted timeframe perfectly. Employees even had the option of signing up for a self-care reminder text. Here’s the feedback I received from one of our team members “ in our hustle of everyday life, we somehow overlook self-care. . .It’s nice to be reminded. I also got my first text this morning from Rita. This is going to be great!”


Andrea I. Towner, Development Director, Mental Health America of Central Carolinas, 704.365.3454

Rita spoke at our women’s self-care event with an audience of about 100 attorneys who work in high stress positions for corporations all over the world. The women were deeply inspired by Rita’s personal testimonials, experiences and advice on how to balance and improve life using personal self-care. It was a great way to kick off the half-day event, and everyone was appreciative of her book in order to refer back to the suggestions and techniques on an ongoing basis. We hope to use Rita again for other events.


Lynn HuonkerSenior Managing Counsel at Oracle America, Inc., Executive Board Member of the Charlotte, NC Chapter of the Association for Corporate Counsel


" I attended a Women's Retreat and Rita spoke to us on Simple Self Care which included stretching exercises. I was skeptical that such easy actions would make a difference. I started the lower back stretch and stretch while brushing your teeth. I am amazed at how much better I feel now! I feel stronger and more toned and have more stamina. These simple stretches have led me to more stretching and exercising. Thank you Rita for helping me move more comfortably."

~ Beth Brunner, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Carolinas Medical Center Pineville


"My self-care has become an important daily part of my life because of Rita's simple tips provided in our Woman's Advantage Forums for the past year!  With Rita as our hosting business for our Forums, she gives a monthly tip to the members that is simple and easy to apply!  The results that they see start right away and they see how it impacts their business success, too.  Who would think that pausing to breathe would help you to focus with less stress and make more money, too!  I highly recommend Rita Garnto and her workshops as an essential part of your personal and business success!"

Lori Dvorak, InVision 4, Inc. Vision Strategy Coaching & Training, The Woman's Advantage Forum, Charlotte Chair, 704-560-6788, 

Cancellation Policy:

Workshop fees are non-refundable when cancellation is initiated by the participant within 72 hours of registration, however, the fees can be used towards another workshop. 

The workshop dates are subject to change and cancellation if minimal number of participants per workshop is not met.  In all cases, you will be notified at least 72 hours in advance of any changes and your money will be refunded.