Stress Less Masterclass Series


Next Series Starting January 2022!

What are you waiting for?

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Stress Less Masterclass Series.

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Do YOU want to stress less and live happier? What are you waiting for?

Stress is sneaky. Before you know it, you can be acting, thinking, and feeling like someone else and left wondering, “What is wrong with me?”

We were facing a global stress crisis before 2020 so imagine how high stress levels have skyrocketed with all the uncertainty, loss of control, and fear of the unknown. Stress thrives on this kind of unstable environment.

Now, is the time to start stressing less and living happier! Take back the control from stress overload.

By learning simple ways to create moments of calm in the chaos, you will think clearer, be more productive, less overwhelmed and happier.

Are you ready to Stress Less and Live Happier?

Masterclass Consists Of:

  • Six - weekly sessions
  • Every session includes group discussion, education, active stress reduction, and  accountability
  • Each online session is 60 minutes
  • Fillable PDF and printable class worksheets
  • Only $399


Additional Resources:

  • Monthly self-care time-outs via Zoom (3rd Thursday every month at noon)
  • Weekly stress less text club motivational texts
  • Become part of the Stress Less Live Happier Community ... if not already
  • Private 20 minute one-to-one Self-Care Time-Out
  • Access to Rita via email & texts
  • Private FB page with present and past mastermind participants  for sharing ideas, encouragement, motivation, and accountability
  • Everyone attending ALL sessions, will be receive a box of Wei of Chocolates 
  • ALL THIS for only $399 

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Want to HOST Your Own Group?

Host your own Stress Less, Live Happier MasterClass with a minimum of 5 participants at no cost to you.

Contact [email protected] for more details!

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