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During this time of Physical & Social Distancing

Cost:  $349

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Ready to find some calm AND simple ways to drop your stress levels during these uncertain times?

On top of our usual stress loads, three more big-time main stressors have been added - uncertainty, fear of the unknown, and lack of control. Our already high stress levels are even more elevated due to the pandemic plus the strain of social and physical distancing.

NOW is the time to learn to reduce our stress levels in the short and for the long term. Life is uncertain enough right now without having to worry about dealing with a stress-related health crisis within the next 6 to 12 months. Statistics and research show that consistent high stress will lead to high blood pressure issues, increased anxiety and depression, increased suicide rates, digestive issues, weakened immune systems, heart attacks, strokes, cancer ... and the list goes on.

This is not meant to scare you. This is a reality check. Start being proactive now and learn to deal with your stress and stressors better.

Rita has the answer with her simple self-care teachings. Participants deep-dive into their own stress levels, triggers, learn about the negative effects stress has on their whole bodies, and what to do about it simply! Stress-relief does NOT need to be complicated or hard!

It is time to take some control back from these uncertain times.



Class normally costs $349; however,

during these uncertain times,


and JOIN the Stress Less Community! 


LIMIT 12 participants per class!


Stress Less, Live Happier MasterClass

Masterclass Includes:

> 6 sessions –-> one session EVERY week for 6 weeks

> Each session 60 to 75 minutes

> Each session consists of education, group interaction, and Q & A

> On-line sessions from the comfort of your own home

> Discovering your stress load along with your stress triggers

> Find simple solutions that will work for you

> Explore why it is so important to control your stress

> Learn simple ways to decrease your stress with EVERY session

> Access to Rita via email & texting during the entire 6 weeks

> LIMIT 12 per class

Class Agenda:

Session 1 - Awareness: Assess Your Stress Load

Session 2 - Awareness: Discover Your Stress Triggers

Session 3 - Education: Explore How Stress Affects Your Entire Body

Session 4 - Education: A Future with Chronic Stress Overload

Session 5 - Support: Self-Care and Stress-Busters 

Session 6 - Support: Review and Future Plan

Bonuses Include:

> One 20 minute self-care “time-out” with Rita via Zoom

> Private Face Book group for sharing ideas, encouragement, motivation, and being accountable

> Weekly Tuesday Motivation Text Club

> Everyone attending ALL 6 sessions, will be entered into a drawing for a box of Wei of Chocolates     (assorted 30 pieces of chocolate  ... retail $48)

2020 MasterClass Sessions:


The Summer MasterClass

First Session is FRIDAY, June 26th from noon to 1 pm EST

and the following sessions are all at noon to 1 pm EST: 

July 3rd, 

July 10th, 

July 17th, 

July 24th, and

July 31st


The Next Master Class Tentative Start Dates:

Monday, August 3rd 7 to 8 pm

Friday, September 11th 12 to 1 pm

Monday, October 19th 7 to 8 pm



Want to HOST your own group?:

Host your own Stress Less, Live Happier MasterClass

with a minimum of 5 participants at no cost to you.

Contact [email protected] for more details!


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