Simple Self-Care by Rita | Yes, I can with EASE!
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Yes, I can with EASE!

One Simple Self-Care Change Day #3

Half way through our first week with our one simple self-care change. To recap – we have picked our one self-care focus for this week, we are working on letting go, and we sent our inner bit …. ummmm … critic on vacation. How do we keep her from coming back early?

I like to use mantras. A mantra is defined as a word or phrase that is repeated often and it expresses your basic beliefs. By repeating my mantra over and over, I am able to drown out the opinions of my inner critic and feel more empowered. Feeling empowered enables me make more positive and healthier choices. I have decided to pick one mantra to use for all of 2016. I have written it on my mirror in my bathroom so every morning, every night, and every time in between, I will see my mantra big and loud on my mirror. Repeating it a gazillion times a day in my head also helps reaffirm this belief and goal.

My 2016 mantra is Yes, I can with EASE!” What will yours be?

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