Simple Self-Care by Rita | Why didn’t we listen to our parents about aging?
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Why didn’t we listen to our parents about aging?


Sitting with my Dad in the lobby area in front of the elevator waiting for the cleaning ladies to finish with his apartment. Day #3. Staying with my Dad in the retirement community apartment building is giving me a unique and new perspective on aging. Yesterday I sat on the “men’s” table for breakfast. Al, born in 1925, Harold, born in 1928, my Dad, born in 1929, John, and Gordon.


If one stops and pauses and adds up all those years and life experiences, it is mind boggling. Looking around the room at all the residents, I wonder at the stories and advice and wisdom I would find within each one.


Aging is inevitable. We are going to wear out. Period. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. So then why or why, do we not listen to our parents’ advice on growing old? Do we think it’s not going to happen to us? That we will be different and not deteriorate in mind and body like our parents and their parents and all the generations before us? Are we so naïve or in such denial that we think we will escape the ravages of old age? The day will come when we wake up and say, “Oh crap! I should have listened to my parents.”


This is why I think … no, I KNOW that self-care is so very, very important. The earlier we start the better.


It’s all a matter of maintaining balance in our bodies. Balance in our musculature to lessen the strain and pull on our joints and spine. Balance in our eating, exercise, and rest, to maintain vital signs – blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, fat stores, cortisol levels, adrenal usage, hormones, happiness, and well-being. Balance in our relationships with God, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, neighbors.

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