Simple Self-Care by Rita | Testimonials
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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure

you’re a satisfied customer, too!

As a personal client of Rita K. Garnto, I would recommend her simple self- care services to anyone who desires to have accountability and exclusive support.


I remember my calendar being filled up with my to-do list and I still could not feel at peace. That peace arrived once Rita arrived to remind me each week to make sure I plan my self care.


Within 3 months, I had my plan and support in place.  I’m very thankful that Rita has patience and understanding for me to figure out my self care even when I missed the targeted mark. Her faithfulness to follow up each week, has allowed me to be aware, consistent and motivated to take care of me.


Simple Self-Care, helps me to feel good enough to take care of my family, business and organization.


Katris Wright

Wife, Mother, Business Owner

“My self-care has become an important daily part of my life because of Rita’s simple tips provided in our Woman’s Advantage Forums for the past year! With Rita as our hosting business for our Forums, she gives a monthly tip to the members that is simple and easy to apply! The results that they see start right away and they see how it impacts their business success, too. Who would think that pausing to breathe would help you to focus with less stress and make more money, too! I highly recommend Rita Garnto and her workshops as an essential part of your personal and business success!”


—Lori Dvorak,
InVision 4, Inc. Vision Strategy Coaching & Training, The Woman’s Advantage Forum, Charlotte Chair

Rita.. the book is amazing.. I started reading it and had a hard time putting it down!!!


Your passion for women is truly felt through each word on every page!!!  Congratulations on a great job of getting this book out in the hands of so many women who truly need to just take those first few moments of everyday and breathe.. and perform self-care!!!


Thank you again for being a part of the TWA and showing a part of who you are and your experiences with the women!!!


Natalie Williams

Executive Director |The Women’s Business Center of Charlotte

I love working with Rita – who helped me to understand that I don’t have to start out with a 90 minute a day cardio/exercise running marathon. She said . . . just a few steps more . . . She understands that simple and easy gets things done. Now I park a little further from the entrance and take a few more steps everywhere I go . . . . Thank you Rita for your encouragement and showing us that busy women can take care of themselves simply and with a smile!!”


—Wendy Cassera, Taxpectations

Rita makes self-care tangible! For me and many of my girlfriends – we say we want to take care of ourselves – but don’t. Simple Self Care by Rita shows me simple steps to actually do it. Love me some Rita K. Garnto!!


To Your Legacy,

Coach B

Barbara Pinson-Lash

Living the dream > 20 years in Broadcasting

Love it (the Self-Care & Chocolate monthly membership group) & Rita. I’ve learned a lot about putting myself first sometimes & taking care of me!!


Lori Peterman Barrett

Atlanta, Georgia

 I would just like to say “thank you” for introducing F.A.I.T.H Women’s Ministry to Simple Self Care.
We are especially grateful for the I.C. Quotes! Each month at our gatherings we pass the glass jar around and pull a quote from the jar. The quotes are so powerful and uplifting. The quotes always seem to be right on time for each woman present! Thank you so much for sharing the I.C. Quotes with us.
They are truly inspiring, encouraging and uplifting messages to take away and apply to our daily walk!
Peace & Many Blessings,
Suzanne Fisher
F.A.I.T.H Women’s Ministry

“Rita broadened my awareness of ways I already do self-care, and helped me to recognize the importance of those. She also encouraged me to find new ways to reduce stress and take care of my mental, emotional,

physical, and spiritual health each day. Her genuinely compassionate and down-to-earth approach is refreshing!

“Rita has helped me to realize that self-care is not complicated but is quite simple, in all of the small, run-of-the-mill ways we pay attention to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Her workshops are refreshing and life-giving!”


—Marianne Romanat,
Lead Pastor, Light of Christ United Methodist Church

I attended a Women’s Retreat and Rita spoke to us on Simple Self Care which included stretching exercises. I was skeptical that such easy actions would make a difference. I started the lower back stretch and stretch while brushing my teeth. I am amazed at how much better I feel now! I feel stronger and more toned and have more stamina. These simple stretches have led me to more stretching and exercising. Thank you Rita for helping me move more comfortably.”


—Beth Brunner:
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner at Carolinas Medical Center Pineville