Feeling Unproductive? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

Truth Bomb: You need a Stress Rescue Plan

Increase your efficiency and productivity, have more energy, boost your immune system, and enjoy work and your life more!

Reducing your stress has a multitude of benefits including: 

  • Reduction of irritability, anger, and anxiety
  • Greater resiliency, creativity, and intuition
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Increased productivity and energy 
  • Increased memory, focus, and patience
  • Better sleep
  • Increased immunity 

What is a Stress Rescue Session?

  • One-to-one session via Zoom 
  • Zero in and identify what the issue is
  • Find an immediate stress-busting solution
  • Leave with a plan PLUS 30 days of accountability 
  • Introductory offer of  $99  $49

What are you waiting for?

Be more productive, effecient, and creative starting now!


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After Working with Rita...

See what some of my clients have said recently.

"As a personal client of Rita K. Garnto, I would recommend her simple self- care services to anyone who desires to have accountability and exclusive support.

I remember my calendar being filled up with my to-do list and I still could not feel at peace. That peace arrived once Rita arrived to remind me each week to make sure I plan my self care.

Within 3 months, I had my plan and support in place.  I'm very thankful that Rita has patience and understanding for me to figure out my self care even when I missed the targeted mark. Her faithfulness to follow up each week, has allowed me to be aware, consistent and motivated to take care of me.

Simple Self-Care, helps me to feel good enough to take care of my family, business and organization."

Katris Wright ~ Wife, Mother, Business Owner

"Rita broadened my awareness of ways I already do self-care, and helped me to recognize the importance of those.  She also encouraged me to find new ways to reduce stress and take care of my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health each day.  Her genuinely compassionate and down-to-earth approach is refreshing!

Rita has helped me to realize that self-care is not complicated but is quite simple, in all of the small, run-of-the-mill ways we pay attention to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Her workshops are refreshing and life-giving!"

Marianne Romanat ~ Lead Pastor, Light of Christ United Methodist Church www.locumc.org

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