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Join Us for …


Let’s take the overwhelm out of self-care!


Ever feel bombarded by all the self-care information on the internet? You want to take better care of you, but wonder “Where do I start? How do I start? or What do I even start with?” Well, you are not alone.


Introducing the Self-Care and Chocolate – Members Only! online  community. This is a group of like-minded women that meet on a regular, monthly basis. We meet online using Zoom, a free program you can download onto your computer, on every second Monday night from 7 to 8 pm and every second Friday from 12 to 1 pm. YOU pick which time is more convenient for you and attend only one. The same self-care topic will be presented at both sessions each month and a different topic each month.


Each 60 minute session will include a self-care topic presentation, group discussion along with  question and answer time. The sessions are based on providing you with education, motivation, inspiration and support. Just remember: you are NOT alone in this thing called “life” and you do NOT need to navigate it by yourself. Let’s take the overwhelm out of self-care together!


Keep your journal handy to jot your thoughts and questions down. Hope you join me on this journey of making YOU the priority with simple self-care.


Rita 🙂

Benefits of Membership:


  • Monthly on-line sessions at 2 convenient times
  • Pick ONE:
    • every SECOND Monday … 7 to 8pm OR
    • every SECOND Friday …12 to 1 pm




  • Recorded sessions posted to private Facebook Group


  • Thought provoking downloads and activities


  • Gain a sense of community and  belonging


  • Earn Chocolate Rewards! 🙂 … Earn points for signing up, every session you attend, inviting a friend to sign up, and more. Reach 10 points, and your chocolate will be mailed to you from the chocolate company I have partnered with from Arizona, Wei of Chocolate  .


  • Monthly fee is only $14.99


  • Any questions, please contact me directly at


  • No risk. Unsubscribe at any time.


HOLIDAY SEASON SPECIAL ~ the rest of 2018 at 9.99/month!

Payment Options

Why Self-Care and Chocolate?


To state the obvious, I LOVE dark chocolate and it has become my go-to food for de-stressing. I used to consume whole bars of any old chocolate I could get my hands on. Not any more!  Read on for details! YES! There is a healthy way to eat chocolate.


Several years ago, I was introduced to therapeutic chocolate made by a Wei of Chocolate. I have been in love with this chocolate ever since!


What is so special about this chocolate? Not only is it organicfair trade, veganGMO free, dairy free, gluten free, and soy free, it is also infused with flower essences. Lisa Reinhardt, the founder of the Wei of Chocolate, has found a way to take the moments of enjoying and savoring good quality chocolate as a part of a daily meditation. Now, I call that simple self-care! For more information, check out her company’s website Wei of Chocolate or see my web site page, Women Supporting Women, featuring Lisa’s bio.


I LOVE looking at the pictures of  the nine flowers, whose essences have been separately infused into the different morsels of chocolate, and discovering the flower picture that POPS out at me at that moment. Here is a quote from her website … “Rest on the flower that appeals to you most today. We put special flower remedies in every piece. You’re always drawn to what you need most. Find out which chocolate is made for you & what it means about you!” For more information on the different flower essences and what they mean click on Wei of Chocolate.


The way I de-stress with the Wei of Chocolate, aka taking a moment of simple self-care, I look at the flower pictures and pick the corresponding chocolate I am most drawn to, unwrap this yummy morsel of chocolate goodness, and then let it melt in my mouth. Mmmmmm … yum. Pause and be in the moment. Be mindful. This quiet moment allows your body to literally switch gears and calm down.

That’s what simple self-care is all about and who doesn’t love some really awesome chocolate?! Thank you Lisa!

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