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What is the perfect self-care product?

The answer … whichever one you are going to use!

What works for me is not necessarily going to work for you and vica versa. It is about asking yourself, “What do I need and what do I want to use as a self-care product?” And it’s about choices. There are lots of different simple self-care product choices out there to the point of becoming overwhelming. I want to help you navigate the wealth of these choices available to find the one you can start with today.


Simple self-care products all about YOU and what fits into YOUR life and what resonates with you. Yes, you heard me right … it is all about YOU and making you a priority through simple self-care. We don’t always have time in our busy lives to keep adding “stuff” to do so let’s find simple self-care that can slide into our day effortlessly instead. Start making you a priority so you can start feeling more empowered and self-confident.


On this page you will find my preferred brand of self-care products that hopefully will appeal to your different senses.


My question to you again …  What sense does self-care make for you? Have fun choosing the one that slides into your life today! J

Rita’s “Self-Care Tools” that are in her everyday routine!