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Self-Care Defined …

One Simple Self-Care Choice – Week 2

What is self-care? Self-Care is defined as any intentional action you take to care for your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

That definition really opens up the doors to soooo many options that can seem really, really overwhelming. When we are overwhelmed, we get nothing done so let’s break this process down.

Let’s start with the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) … start thinking about all the “intentional actions”, self-care choices, that could fit into your life story and schedule.

Next, schedule a few quiet moments sometime this evening to start jotting down your thoughts and making a list of your self-care choices … anything from yoga to walking, from trying new recipes to organizing your closets, from bubble baths to journaling to singing, from adding cinnamon to your coffee to taking a moment to write in your journal or reading scripture … the sky is the limit. You may even surprise yourself with the amount of choices you can list.

Next step, look over your list (you can always add more as time goes on) and find one that you would like to start adding into your day tomorrow. It does NOT need to take very much time or be a big deal. Make the choice to do something to take care of YOU! What are you waiting for? You deserve to make YOU a priority!

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