Simple Self-Care by Rita | Self-Care Coaching
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Small Group Self-Care Coaching


This type of setting will allow for more privacy and personalization of your stress reduction and simple self-care solutions. The small group sessions will consist of only 3-6 participants.


Do you have friends that are in the same stress overload “boat” and are frustrated with their lack of time to do self-care? Why not start this journey as a group to set yourself up for success!


The group online sessions will last 60 minutes each. The small group package consists of:


  • One – 30 minute private one-on-one consult with Rita to jump start your success
  • Three – 60 minute group sessions 2 – 3 weeks apart depending on group progress and preference
  • One – 60 minute group wrap up session and next phase planning


This small group package is $175 (regular $275). Sign up today.




Feeling like you want more private one-on-one conversation? Need more personalized in-depth motivation and accountability? Ready to discover your “why” and move forward in improving your health and well-being by reducing your stress?


I offer packages of 5 sessions (each session up to 60 minutes) for $450 (regular $625). These sessions will take place online using Zoom, but arrangements can be discussed to meet in person. The sessions can be used at your own pace whether that is weekly or every other week or even monthly, we will determine this together. Consistency is the key!


Just want one session? My hourly rate is $125.


Customized packages also available. Let’s talk!


Contact me at or 704-564-2055.