Simple Self-Care by Rita | Rush, Rush … Pause … Breathe … repeat!
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Rush, Rush … Pause … Breathe … repeat!

A surprising thing happened this morning. As I was busy rushing around the kitchen preparing breakfast for the kids, including my four-legged ones, I glanced outside just after I opened the blinds. Not so unusual right?!

The sun was shining after weeks of rain and cloudy weather. I glanced outside long enough to notice the moisture steaming off the deck chairs created by the heat of the morning sun. It looked as if the chairs and umbrella were on fire and smoldering as the “smoke” wafted lazily skyward. It was really cool looking. I paused and really took the scene in. I allowed myself to take a moment to be still. Ahhhh… I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. My hands wrapped themselves around my warm coffee cup adding to the calming, peaceful sensory experience. Breathe. One more. Now, ready to start my day.

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