Simple Self-Care by Rita | Pee, Lice, and Muscle Spasms
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Pee, Lice, and Muscle Spasms

Model Released. Stressed Young Woman

Ever have one of those weeks that you wish you could erase from your memory forever? Maybe you find yourself asking God, “The purpose of all has been what exactly?!”

Well, last week started with one of our dogs being diagnosed with a “raging urinary tract infection” – the vet’s words. Poor thing! L … hmmmm … the dog not the vet. The UTI has been so bad that she loses control of her bladder when she is in a deep sleep and that makes for a lot of clean up, towels, and puppy pads. Antibiotics for 2 weeks and hopefully, she will be cured. How will we know that she is all better? We have to follow her around, wait until she pees and then put a container in “the way” to catch her urine to bring to the vet for a follow up analysis. Man, you really have to love your dog sometimes …

Now, if that isn’t enough stuff to deal with, enter the lice … yup, both girls and me. So, after $200+ for over the counter lice treatments (come to find out they aren’t even effective at eradicating the critters), 2 pesticide-laden shampoo treatments (poison! poison!), hours, hours, and hours of nit-combing, we’re talking at least 10-11 hours total, the critters were still not dead. WTF?! The only thing I had to show for all sitting and combing was intense muscle spasms in my lower back causing me to walk like a 90 year old on a very bad day. Life just bites sometimes!

But with all things in life, when one is handed a crap load of lemons, one does try to make lemonade and this week’s story does have a happy ending … our dog is getting better, the lice are gone thanks to a lice treatment center nearby (love Pediatric Hair Solutions!!), and after using the TENS unit, stretching, hot bath, and a fabulous 90 minute massage session by Regan, my back is functioning again. Gotta love self-care!!

I am still left wondering, “The purpose of all has been what exactly?!” and am soooo looking forward to NEXT week!

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