Simple Self-Care by Rita | One Simple Change Day #1: Monday, Jan. 4th, 2016
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One Simple Change Day #1: Monday, Jan. 4th, 2016

Setting myself up for success and a happier, healthier me for 2016. My one change for this week is to work on decreasing the amount of processed sugar I have been consuming especially over these last few weeks. (Why sugar? … see below.) What is your one change for this week?

How will I focus on decreasing my sugar intake? Focus on foods I CAN eat and not on those I can’t or shouldn’t eat. When I start craving sugar (and you KNOW that is going to happen), I will reach for an orange or an apple … something sweetened with natural sugar and not processed sugar or maybe a handful of nuts all while asking myself those four very important words … Am I REALLY hungry?! A piece of dark chocolate can help satisfy those evil sugar cravings while keeping sugar intake down. What will help you stick to your one change?

Why sugar? I have come to learn that sugar really is evil, in my opinion. Bottom line: sugar causes inflammation in the body. This is NOT good  especially as we age … arthritis, heart disease, diabetes … Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sugar and I grew up eating lots of processed sugar and gummi bears (my fav!) If you are not convinced that sugar is really bad for you, check out the link below for a list of 144 reasons … yup, 1-4-4 reasons why sugar is bad for you. Need I say more?! Check out reason #30 … I was diagnosed 10 years ago with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in both knees, and I had back surgery (in my 20’s) and neck surgery (2011) … hmmmmm, rethinking all those gummi-bears I ate as a kid.

Interestingly enough, after I decided to make sugar my focus this week, there was a story on the Today Show this morning that links high levels of fructose (sugar) to increased cancer risk. Another very good reason to stay away from high fructose corn syrup!

Happy Self-Caring,

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