Simple Self-Care by Rita | Letting Go!
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Letting Go!

Back into routine … that’s tough after time away from our schedules. It’s good to take time off to recharge, but my “all or nothing” personality often takes over and leads to me overdoing things both ways – overindulge on the breaks and then over-attempt to get back into routine. Then, if I don’t bounce right back, my inner critic, who is a b*tch, (see previous blog) is unrelenting. Who gave her the right to criticize my actions and focus on my short comings? But you know, as I become more aware of her nagging voice, she becomes more and more tedious and annoying AND easier to shut out.

My solution this year, to make 2016 different and better, is by giving my inner critic a vacation! How? By reframing my thoughts … I am looking back fondly at the time off WITHOUT regret, guilt, and/or shame and acknowledge my choices (and consequences) of all that good food and lack of body movement as decisions that were right for me at those moments. Those choices are done. That was yesterday and it’s over, finished, completed, finito. Let it go!

Tomorrow, on the other hand, is just about maybe’s, could’s and should’s but today is …. well, TODAY! Today is the ONLY day I can make any changes in my life to make tomorrow better, healthier, and happier. NOW is the only time I can make that happen.

So, what are you waiting for? Let go and send your inner critic on vacation and make today a new day for you to focus on your one simple change. Let go of the regret, shame, and guilt for all those yesterdays. Today is now and it’s a gift … that’s why it’s called the “present”.

Happy Self-Caring,Rita signature

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