Less Pain, More Movement
January & March 2020

It is a known fact that as we get older, we get less flexible, experience a decrease in strength, and gain more everyday aches & pain.

We do have the POWER to change that!

Join Rita as she shares her simple self-care tools guaranteed to reduce aches & pain and help reverse the negative effects of aging on your body.

Hands-on learning involving simple movement, simple stretches, how-to-use foam rollers, tennis balls, and spiky balls. Informational handouts provided.

Less Pain, More Movement

Our Goals for You

  • Recover from work-outs faster
  • Reduce annoying aches & pains
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Easier Movement
  • Lots of hands-on practice
  • Learn to use simple self-care tools

Location & Directions

Urban Revolution Martial Arts
8035  Providence Road
Ste  #390
Charlotte, NC 28270

Limited to 25 People per Session

$25 per person (includes handouts and one simple self-care tool to take home)

$40 per person VIP (value $70 – includes above + foam roller and spiky ball to take home)

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Simple Self-Care by Rita