Simple Self-Care by Rita | Just One Thing …
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Just One Thing …

Here we are and it almost the end of March. How are the New Year’s resolutions going?


At the beginning of a New Year with all the hype and huge expectations (and wine), we make a list of, sometimes, ok, most times, crazy expectations for ourselves aka “New Year’s Resolutions”. As we seek the Holy Grail of the “perfect me” through deprivation and discomfort, we are in fact, not doing ourselves any favors and are really setting ourselves up for failure.


Quickly, we realize that we have set some pretty high expectations for ourselves that we just cannot achieve. So, what do we do? We give up completely and go back to our old bad habits feeling guilty and bad about ourselves because we failed … again.


How about a different approach? How about using the Philosophy of One? Let’s set ourselves up for success by picking just ONE thing and making that our focus every day for a week or two or three. Just accomplish that ONE thing every day. Imagine that … taking care of you everyday by doing just one thing. That spells empowerment to me! A real “Yay You!” moment!


Happy simple self-caring!

Rita 🙂



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