Simple Self-Care by Rita | I Have a Confession …
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I Have a Confession …

I have a confession to make and something serious to share with you. I have a bully in my life.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Hard to admit that as a middle-aged woman I am being bullied. (Eek! Did I really just say I’m “middle-aged”?!).

It doesn’t happen all the time. It just happens when I am feeling down or tired or something in my day has gone wrong. As soon as my defenses are weakened, I am vulnerable and she starts in on me.

My bully is a bitch and is relentless. I am not sure why she picks on me and puts me down and tells me that I am not good enough. Sometimes she just tells me I’m an idiot and I am no good at anything and before you know it, I start to believe her cruel words. In these moments, I lose my self-worth and feel very alone. Why does she do this to me?

I am soooo very tired of her behavior so after much thought, I have decided to finally “out” her by sharing my story in hopes to stop her despicable behavior.

The name of my bully is …. ME!

Yes, me. I am here to tell you that I am my own worst bully. The things I say to myself I would never ever, EVER say to anyone else. So why on earth do I think it’s OK to say those horrible things to myself when I would never dream of treating another person like that. Where did I get the idea that it is all right to talk to myself like that?

I have no idea where or why the bullying started, but what I do know is that from now on when she rears her ugly head and speaks those nasty words, I will loudly and proudly proclaim “I LOVE AND APPROVE OF MYSELF” and my dear bully, you can go to hell!

#bullyinside #lovethatbully

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