Simple Self-Care by Rita | Happy New Year! … better late than never!! :)
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Happy New Year! … better late than never!! :)

Treat YOU like your BEST friend
(excerpt from 2019-January Newsletter)

Here’s a novel thought … what if you took a moment and instead of treating yourself with disgust, guilt, or disdain next time you make a mistake, treat yourself with the¬† love, compassion, and respect you deserve. Show yourself the same compassion as you would show a best friend.

Take for example, you just made a mistake – called someone by the wrong name, sent an email to the wrong person, or forgot a scheduled meeting – instead of telling yourself “I’m such an idiot”, “I can’t get anything right”, or maybe “I’m sooo stupid”, just PAUSE for a moment. THINK. REFRAME your self-deprecating comment and ask yourself, what would I say to my best friend if she made the same mistake? “Oh my gosh, we’ve all done that! No biggie.”, or maybe “It happens so don’t be so hard on yourself.”, or maybe even just apologize for your blunder and then¬† laugh at yourself (a dramatic eye roll at yourself can work wonders too as long as accompanied with a smile) and vow to do better next time.

Why do we think it is OK to bash ourselves with unkindness and yet would NEVER, EVER think of bashing our best friends with such ugliness and unkindness. You, have got to be your YOUR biggest cheerleader.

Repeat after me …

I love and approve of myself.
I will treat myself with respect, love, and compassion
because I love and approve of myself.


Here’s to an awesome 2019 full of lots of self-compassion, self-love,
self-respect, and of course, self-care! xo

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