Simple Self-Care by Rita | Grief
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What a strange creature grief is. Having recently (very recently) experienced the loss of my Mom, I must say that one can not prepare or know what to expect when a person you love passes on. Grief can lurk behind you, around you, beside you. It can make you strong when you need the strength to get things done. It can make you so fragile and vulnerable when you least expect it. Tears literally can burst forth from seemingly nowhere. Sometimes the tears stop easily. Sometimes they don’t. I tell my 2 young daughters that I am “letting the sad out” when I cry and they seem to understand.

What I have learned in this short period of grieving is to just let go and let your emotions run their path. Crying makes some people uncomfortable yet I have found the majority of friends, colleagues, business associates, and clients will share those tears and the sorrow. Hugs come out of nowhere! Ya, hugs and tears seems to be directly proportional – the more hugs, the more tears, the more hugs … not a bad thing! True friends will not only pass you a tissue for your tears, but also keep one for theirs.

Honor your emotions, honor your grief. Remember to take care of yourself. Allow yourself to be cared for. Massage … ahhhh … what a wonderful way to honor yourself and your wounded spirit. What a wonderful way to allow the healing to take place with nothing but positive intention and caring. Focus on a relaxing, comforting, nurturing session. Let your mind float where it may. Surrender your body to the healing hands and energies of your massage therapist. Yes, grief is a strange creature, but one that I am coming to appreciate in many ways. Be sad. Be happy. Laugh. Cry. Remember and rejoice in the memories of your lost loved one, but also remember the living. Reconnect. Re-evaluate. Love. Family and friends. Honor thyself and take care of you and the strange creature that is now a part of your soul forever. I miss you Mom!

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