Simple Self-Care by Rita | February is the month of LOVE
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February is the month of LOVE

(excerpt from 2019-February Newsletter)

Staying in our theme of love, how about we continue to focus on self-love. For me, self-care and self-love are very similar. It is all about making time AND taking time just for you. This could be a 10 minute feet-up cup of coffee, a bubble bath with soothing music (and a locked door to keep the kids out haha!), or maybe a few minutes spent doing your favorite stretch?

Keep It Simple Sweetie! Remember the KISS Principle? Why do we feel like we need to make it so hard and complicated. Today’s world is complicated enough and I don’t think your self-care should be!! Still not doing enough self-care? Ask yourself this … if I don’t take care of myself, how can I continue to take care of others effectively. Ever try filling someone else’s cup with an empty one? Hmmmm …. doesn’t work at all and is actually impossible.

Give your family, loved ones, colleagues your very best by giving YOU your very best FIRST! You deserve to be a priority in your day by keeping your self-care simple and sliding it  into your day, throughout the day.

Not sure how to fit self-care into your day, schedule a free 20 minute
Self-Care Time-Out
with Rita by clicking here.

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day and please continue to focus on your self-love and making YOU a priority!!
Happy Self-Caring!

Rita 🙂

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

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