Simple Self-Care by Rita | Speaking
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Rita Garnto: Speaker

Because her personal journey has been filled with the challenges of infertility, adoption, family death, and chronic health issues, Rita K. Garnto is no stranger to the detrimental effects of stress. Based on her own health struggles plus almost 35-years of healthcare experience, Rita, as the Simple Self-Care Mentor and Educator, has developed her own self-care philosophy and the steps to obtain a better quality of health using simple self-care.


Rita’s mantra is “When you are mired in your muck, to start moving forward, do just one new thing, one little thing.” She wants women to understand how powerful just one small change can be and how large of an impact it can have on their future health and well-being. Rita shares her story and philosophy through a variety of presentations and interactive workshops as well as one-on-one mentoring. By sharing her story of perseverance and self-care, she hopes to inspire and show women how to put themselves on the TOP of their to-do lists with their simple self-care choices.


The topics Rita presents are not only motivational, but also inspirational, and educational.


The speaking topics can be presented in several formats including:


  • Keynote presentation,
  • Seminar (larger groups),
  • More intimate workshop (smaller groups)


Each presentation includes handouts to encourage active participation and engagement, and includes thought-provoking and self-discovery questions and activities.


Rita is a member of WSA (Women Speakers Association).

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Delivering self-care to your organization!

Topics & Objectives

Making You the Priority with Simple Self-Care

  • Identify your self-care challenges
  • Discover motivation and accountability tools
  • Learn how to slide self-care into your day easily


The Down and Dirty of Stress

  • Delve into the negative effects of stress on your body
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself
  • Learn effective simple self-care to combat stress


The Three Steps to Finding YOUR Simple Self-Care

  • Discover the difference between self-care and simple self-care
  • Follow the three steps to uncovering your best simple self-care
  • Learn how to implement it today


Simple Move-Ability

  • Understand why simple movement and stretching is so important
  • What is Davis’ law and why you should care
  • Actively participate in a simple movement and stretching segment


Exploring the Power of Aromatherapy through Creating Self-Care Products

  • Learn the basics of aromatherapy
  • Discover the healing properties and benefits of common essential oils
  • Experience creating your own signature self-care products


Delivering self-care to your organization!

What are they saying?

I cant tell you how much the class you gave on setting your goals and making myself part of my Life… Because of you I could see I need to Move in a Slower direction on how to be True to Myself… One thingthat I realized  was when I Try to make Good Choices to  Move Ahead in my Life I Try to do  Everything At Once.  Your Advice was to take on One Challenge at a Time…. Big Lessonfor me..and the EMail that wanted to know how I was doing made me Feel  ” Someone  like YOU Cares”

Selinda B.

“Making You a Priority workshop helped reminding me to take time caring for myself. Rita is very friendly and easy to talk to. I picked up many self care tips from Rita and also from other women who attended the session. ”


I would just like to say “thank you” for introducing F.A.I.T.H Women’s Ministry to Simple Self Care. We are especially grateful for the I.C. Quotes! Each month at our gatherings we pass the glass jar around and pull a quote from the jar. The quotes are so powerful and uplifting. The quotes always seem to be right on time for each woman present! Thank you so much for sharing the I.C. Quotes with us. They are truly inspiring, encouraging and uplifting messages to take away and apply to our daily walk!
Peace & Many Blessings,
Suzanne Fisher
F.A.I.T.H Women’s Ministry

“Rita has helped me to realize that self-care is not complicated but is quite simple, in all of the small, run-of-the-mill ways we pay attention to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Her workshops are refreshing and life-giving!”

Marianne Romanat
Lead Pastor, Light of Christ United Methodist Church –

This was an awesome workshop!! I love working with Rita – who helped me to understand that I don’t have to start out with a 90 minute a day cardio/exercise running marathon. She said … just a few steps more … She understands that simple and easy gets things done. Now I park a little further from the entrance and take a few more steps everywhere I go …. Thank you Rita for your encouragement and showing us that busy women can take care of themselves simply and with a smile!

Wendy Cassera


Delivering self-care to your organization!