Simple Self-Care by Rita | Meet Rita
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Meet Rita

Prior to opening her private massage practice in 2004, Rita said good-bye to her 20-year career in western healthcare. As a Respiratory Therapist, Rita had the opportunity to work, not only in Canada, her birthplace, but also in Saudi Arabia, and here in the United States. She has cared for patients ranging in age from premature babies to the elderly and everyone in between. During this lengthy career, Rita also had the privilege of being part of the trauma flight team at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. This role allowed Rita to gain the unique experience of caring for critically ill patients during transport flights on helicopters and airplanes. Rita’s focus has always been on helping people. Over time she has come to understand that preventing, or even just lessening, a health crisis is crucial to achieving a better overall quality of life. She saw massage therapy as the way to do this. Thus, she became a licensed massage therapist and began her journey into the world of holistic healthcare. Over time, her mission has evolved into helping ease the pain of aging of her clients through regular massage, self-care education, and awareness. The vast variety of Rita’s training and work experience has helped her gain immense insight and wisdom which has helped shape her into a truly unique self-care practitioner.


Because her personal journey has been filled with the challenges of infertility, adoption, family death, and chronic health issues, Rita K. Garnto is no stranger to the detrimental effects of stress. Based on her own health struggles plus almost 35-years of healthcare experience, Rita, as the Simple Self-Care Mentor and Educator, has developed her own self-care philosophy and the steps to obtain a better quality of health using simple self-care.

Rita’s mantra is “When you are mired in your muck, to start moving forward, do just one new thing, one little thing.” She wants women to understand how powerful just one small change can be and how large of an impact it can have on their future health and well-being. Rita shares her story and philosophy through a variety of presentations and interactive workshops as well as one-on-one mentoring. By sharing her story of perseverance and self-care, she hopes to inspire and show women how to put themselves on the TOP of their to-do lists with their simple self-care choices.


Simply stated, self-care is about self-preservation not self-indulgence.


Please join Rita in her unique live webinars and her Self-Care and Chocolate FB group.


Are you ready to find the simple self-care that is right for YOU and get moving on your journey to being happier and healthier! Let’s go from CRAPPY to HAPPY together! 🙂