Simple Self-Care by Rita | Praise
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Healing is a word that has become very important to me.  In the past several years I’ve had to except healing as my life’s journey.  Rita has been there every step of the way.  Through her Massages and Self-Care Workshops that I have attended Rita is always professional and full of insightful wisdom and grace. She has taught me and me reminded me so much about self-care and self-love.  She helps me to remember that our journey may be two steps forward and one step back but the important lesson to remember is that we keep on dancing – for this I am forever grateful!


I have regular massage sessions with Rita and find this one of the most valuable ways I can spend time. These sessions enable me to keep up my rigorous cycling and windsurfing activities. It is a very important part of my self care. Massages also help with my upper back tension after long hours of working in dentisrty.

Rita is absolutely wonderful. She takes time to address my concerns and offers suggestions, products, and stretches/exercises. I have been going to her for years and she has made a dramatic and positive influence in the way I feel. I highly recommend her!

Demetrios P.


I have been a client of Rita‘s for almost a year and see her every other week. I very much appreciate her professionalism and her focus on self-care.  In addition to her knowledge, she is a very nice person to talk to and share issues with. I am very happy to be her client!

Katrin R.


“I didn’t know what to expect from Rita Garnto’s “Making YOU the Priority” workshop. However, I was eager to see her ACTION! We have been members of the Greater Charlotte Chapter of the eWomen Network for a few years. I realized how competent Rita is to address the issues faced by women globally.

Rita’s caring posture presenting this workshop put all of the participants at ease. She helped us face the reasons why we don’t focus on “self-care.”  I left encouraged by Rita’s directive to work on ONE THING to change. I highly recommend this workshop to EVERY WOMAN!”

Falinda F.


This was an awesome workshop!! I love working with Rita – who helped me to understand that I don’t have to start out with a 90 minute a day cardio/exercise running marathon. She said … just a few steps more … She understands that simple and easy gets things done. Now I park a little further from the entrance and take a few more steps everywhere I go …. Thank you Rita for your encouragement and showing us that busy women can take care of themselves simply and with a smile!!

Wendy C.

Thank You for the Mini Making You the Priority  Workshop! It was One of
the Best investments I’ve Ever Made in My Life on helping myself. I’m in a place in my Life where I have Read, Listened to tapes, Meditated, and so many other things I have tried.  I believe it has helped me in my Journey in Life, but I have to say your workshopwas one of the things that helped me see so many tools that I have in my own reach that I could use that was right in front of me. Not only did I feel your caring and knowledge I was around others that were on their path and the outline of the workshop is wonderful because it applies to all aspects of us that are trying to accomplish a life of feeling like we are making the steps to a more peaceful, Loving and Productive Life.
Your insight ofjust taking one comment at a timehas helped me more than you will ever know.

The “Making You the Priority” workshop with Rita was awesome! It was a time of reflection and connection – with oneself and other women. Rita’s presence was warm and encouraging. I absolutely love the permission slip! Such a nice, tangible way to help women be okay with making themselves a priority.
Shawntal I.